THE ACADEMY is a professional tennis center, where a tennis player can improve his/her tactical, physical, technical and psychological skills.

We specialize in competitive young players as well as new starters, who are looking for an academy who will communicate the right technique from the start. Our coaching is positive, encouraging and motivating.

Our tennis and fitness training coaches challenge players in a positive, supportive way.

We want each player to feel the training they received was unique to them and their individual needs.


We believe that when kids are motivated and encouraged, good things happen.

We know that self-confidence is absolutely essential in building a successful competitive player in an individual sport. And building self-confidence comes from hard work on the part of the player, encouragement from his or her coaches and the love and support of his or her family.

When all three are in place, we believe that our students will have a strong sense of accomplishment. THE ACADEMY professionals work as a team to deliver a training program that will assure the best possible outcome for serious junior players; a program that will enable THE ACADEMY players to make the most of their abilities, while supporting them in their academic pursuits and in living balanced, healthy lives.


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